Mail Online: Raising the steaks! Phenomenally rare Kobe makes a return to London at new restaurant

Kobe beef steak costing £150 for 180g will soon be available in London at Martin Williams’ new restaurant.

The former managing director of Gaucho is set to open the first of his three establishments M Grill next month on Threadneedle Street in the City.

The international grill restaurant specialises in the best steak cuts from across the world and offers single cuts from six selected countries – Argentina, France, South Africa, Japan, Australia, and the US – with prices ranging from £18 to £149.

The 38-year-old plans to open a second M in the West End this time next year, with a third planned for 2016.

Mr Williams told MailOnline: ‘I was very keen to not shy away from Kobe because of its price. When I was in Tokyo last month, I became obsessed by the unique quality and flavour.

‘For M GRILL we selected six countries in the world that breed the best beef, then chose a single cut from each.

‘The beef offering at M Grill ranges from Onglet from France at £18 and rump from Argentina at £19 to Blackmoor Australian Wagyu Sirloin at £130 and Kobe fillet at £150.

‘We are the United Nations of steak!

‘My family has a home in France, where I have become an Onglet Addict. It isn’t about price, it’s about quality.

‘Kobe is phenomenally expensive and phenomenally rare,’ he also said to The Standard.

Mr Williams’ second restaurant Raw shares the same 15,000sqft site as Grill. The space will house a wine bar, a ‘secret den for City boys’ and sleeping pods as well as the two 100-cover restaurants.

The former Gaucho boss – who worked in the famous steakhouse chain for over nine years – is ‘incredibly excited’ about the November opening and has assembled a ‘dream team’ to ensure his venture is a success.

‘The amount of bookings that we have received, since opening our phone lines last week has been phenomenal,’ he said.
‘I have handpicked an amazing team from London’s top restaurants to join me in creating M.

‘To have secured my Head Chef from Chiltern Fire House and Restaurant Director from Cecconi’s is fantastic. I have a “Dream Team” and can’t wait to take hospitality to a new level with them.’

Japanese beef – which was banned for 13-years after the BSE scare – has only recently been reintroduced to London.

Kobe is prized for its superb marbling, buttery texture and high percentage of fat (it can contain up to 25 per cent fat).

Kobe beef refers specifically to meat taken from the Tajima breed of cow, which are rumoured to be given daily massages to tenderise their meat.

Source: Mail Online