M Restaurants | M supports ‘Body and Soul’ Charity


M supports ‘Body and Soul’ Charity

We are delighted to announce our charity partnership with ‘Body and Soul’. Our first project together is to invite guests who enjoy our opening party and preview sessions to donate. Any support will make a real difference in the lives of Body and Soul members. We hope to assist and partner the charity in the coming months through both fundraising and member activity and events at M.

Body and Soul was founded in 1996 by Emma Colyer, MBE, in response to the lack of comprehensive, tailored services available for children, young people, and families living with and closely affected by HIV. Throughout its 18 years, Body & Soul has proactively evolved in order to address the changing needs of its members, to further improve the way HIV is discussed in the greater community and to address stigma by empowering young people to be both knowledgeable and emphatic about HIV. The entire Body & Soul community, including members, volunteers, staff, and supporters, is committed to the values that make up this ground-breaking organization. They are optimistic, passionate, and knowledgeable in their services to people of all ages living with and affected by HIV in order to improve the health, wellbeing, and quality of life of this very vulnerable population.

If you would like to donate to Body and Soul please visit their website here.