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M’s Caviar Week in Lux Worldwide

M Restaurants - Lux Worldwide

Read the fantastic write-up of M’s Caviar Week celebrations in this month’s Lux Worldwide. A luxurious tasting menu and signature cocktail to celebrate the delicious taste of caviar.
Since bursting onto the London dining scene, M has become one of the most sought after dining destinations in the capital, somewhat of a utopia for foodies and fine diners alike. With its two restaurants, multitude of private dining areas and cocktail bar, M has formed a unique space, a dining experience where guests can simply move from sensation to sensation, dinner to cocktail bar, which makes for a terribly addictive set up.

Whilst M Grill is most commonly known for some of the best steaks in London, and M Raw mostly associated with sashimi, with Caviar Week on the horizon the restaurants are offering something special – a tasting menu featuring caviar in every dish. Yes, Caviar week is a thing ladies and gentlemen, and M Restaurants are making sure that it becomes an annual tradition.

M Restaurants - Lux Worldwide

As a food that is synonymous with luxury, caviar is actually rather versatile, and M Restaurants have even created something truly unique in honour of their new menu- the Caviar-Tini. Whilst even James Bond may originally turn his nose up at the sound of this unique tipple, it’s actually rather delicious floral affair. Created by mixing Belvedere Vodka, Rose Water and a light froth of crème of caviar, which adds a new dimension to the drink rather than making it the possible nightmare that you may first envision, the Caviar-Tini is merely a glimpse of the culinary delights to follow.

A rather bombastic menu that defies expectations, dishes on the caviar tasting menu include fresh delights such as a vodka, watermelon and cucumber consommé topped with caviar and a parmesan tuile,  an indulgent goat’s cheese emulsion with caviar and brioche soldiers, and a sweet champagne and caviar jelly with a crème brulee.

M Restaurants - Lux Worldwide

A collection of decadently different dishes, it is of course the caviar that is the shining star in each. In order to truly celebrate Caviar Week M haven’t restricted itself to just one type. Serving platters of Russian Ocietra caviar (£120) or Astrakhan Beluga caviar (£450) during the evening, M restaurants are also welcoming a new type to London – Volzhenka Caviar.

A distinctive tasting variety reminiscent of the caviar found in the wild, Volzhenka Caviar is farmed through a unique production method which has been refined for generations. Raised in the waters of the Volga River on which the Volzhenka Farm has made its home for hundreds of years, the farm ensures that their caviar is superior in every way by only breeding the world’s rarest Beluga, Russian Oscietra, Siberian and Sevruga sturgeons.

M Restaurants - Lux Worldwide

A dazzling expression of the best uses for caviar in fine dining, M Restaurants’ menu is tantalisingly luxurious, the perfect way to explore the subtle nuances of flavour and distinct differences found in each type of caviar and, ultimately, a perfect celebration of the delicacy itself.

The Caviar Tasting Menu and Caviar-Tini will be served throughout the whole of Caviar Week , 18th – 25th July.  All dishes are served with either Russian Ocietra caviar for £75 or with Volzhenka Beluga caviar for £175, excluding separate platters.

Source: Lux Worldwide