Evening Standard: M Restaurants let customers reserve seat, airline-style

M Restaurants - Evening Standard

Our new book-a-booth functionality is featured in the Monday night edition of the Evening Standard. Read the full article here…

A city restaurateur has become the first in London to allow diners to reserve their seat airline-style through its booking website.

From today customers making a reservation at M Restaurants on Threadneedle Street will be able to choose their table in advance, including the most in-demand booth tables. They will also be able to stay in their seats all evening and not be asked to make way for other diners after a certain length of time.

Martin Williams, founder and chief executive of M Restaurants, said: “Dining should be a relaxing bespoke experience, which can last as short, or long as the guest wishes. As a diner, there is nothing more disrespectful than being repeatedly told the restaurant wants your table back.” The innovation was welcomed by commentators. Adam Hyman, editor of the CODE foodie website, said: “Power is being put back into customers’ hands.”

Source: Evening Standard