M Restaurants | M’s executive chef Michael Reid to host Cobia showcase at Taste of London


M’s executive chef Michael Reid to host Cobia showcase at Taste of London

Mike Reid: M Restaurants

It’s been hailed “the Wagyu of the sea” and a fish that will revolutionise the world of fine dining. With award winning M Threadneedle Street and M Victoria Street among the first restaurants in the UK to feature cobia on the menu, their executive chef Michael Reid has joined forces with Open Blue, the world’s largest open-ocean fish farm, to demonstrate the versatility of this incredible fish at next week’s Taste of London in Regent’s Park.

Prior to the festival opening, and setting an industry first, Open Blue has teamed up with the two M venues, allowing diners to view through 3D Google glasses a five minute film that offers an immersive 360 degree virtual reality tour of its groundbreaking project off the coast of Panama. This enthralling visual journey sees cobia fly high in the air and venture deep into clear blue waters to swim with 30,000 of its fellow species.

Similar in appearance and taste to albacore tuna, but with a slightly firmer texture, this nutritious sashimi grade fish is a staple on the RAW menus at M.

Cobia: M Restaurants


From the outset M has made waves with its desire to bring sustainable fish to London. Also this month, through a collaboration with Australian based ethical seafood pioneer Mark W Eather, M became the only restaurants in London to offer sashimi from king fish caught with the Ike Jime fishing method which is acknowledged as by far the most ethical and sustainable way to fish.

Explains Michael Reid, “The Ike Jime method is considered to be the fastest and most humane method of killing fish and also results in the ultimate quality and flavour. London restaurants need to take a good look at what they are offering diners. If it is cheap fish, it is very likely to be trawler, dredged or line caught fish. Those methods are now shameful and outdated. I am delighted that M now offers both the worlds’ best fish and steaks!”

Source: Hospitality and Catering News