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M Victoria featured in Emerald St

Our very own M Victoria was featured in Stylist Magazine’s Emerald Street London newsletter, under ‘The best places to eat and drink’. Read the full review here.

M Victoria
Zig Zag Building, 74 Victoria St, SW1E
By now, you’ll probably know all about Nova, the cluster of restaurants that’s bringing a world of properly good cuisine to Victoria. M is just a bit further out of the way, like the mature older sibling who lives out of town but always hosts the best dinner parties. On the face of it, the place is swanky – the first thing you get is a bar full of dark, mysterious corners – but the restaurant itself is sophisticated and serene in green and slate. For dinner, there’s either a raw menu or a grill, and we heartily suggest you go for the latter; the cuts here are supreme. We started with fresh ike jime octopus with sauce vierge, and for mains had a beautiful spiral-cut striploin from Botswana (so juicy they don’t recommend a sauce). ‘Light and refreshing’ was the fairly tall order we asked of pudding, but the white chocolate and coconut mousse with lychee and yuzu gel was bang on. Go forth and feast.


Source: Emerald St