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At M, we have set out from day one to showcase some of the best beef and wine from around the world. In our M Grill restaurant we chose six countries that not only have some of the world’s best beef and wine, but are also farms and farmers that we have a personal affiliation with. Over the years, we have built up relationships with some unique artisan producers around the globe and are proud to showcase some of the world’s rarest beef, such as the world-renowned Kobe and Blackmore Wagyu. The latter is exclusive to M Restaurants in the UK but is used by many of the world’s top chefs, including Thomas Keller, Heston Blumenthal and Brett Graham.

Provenance plays such a key part in our beef; partnerships with our farmers is of paramount importance when striving for true excellence!  We believe that a combination of coal and wood brings out the best in a steak which is why we cook ours over fire.

Over the years we have ‘raised the steaks’ and become the number one restaurant in London for a true steak aficionado (winning numerous awards in the process). However, we are delighted to announce our new project which takes our beef offering to new heights, taking already incredible steaks and elevating them still further.

Introducing our new ‘Himalayan Salt Chamber’…

Salt-aged beef has a special tenderness and depth of flavour that is hard to match. Our exclusive beef offering has been aged in an authentic Himalayan salt chamber, the first of its kind in London, built from hand-picked salt bricks, which concentrate the flavour of the meat to an intense degree. The result is an exceptional range of steaks that will provide an incomparable sensory steak experience.

More geeky stuff; There are multiple benefits to using the salt chamber. Firstly, the salt bricks help to draw the moisture out of the surrounding air and meat, pulling it to the ground and thus ensuring less moisture and flavour are lost in the cooking process. Secondly, the low humidity helps inhibit the growth of bacteria spores on the meat. Last but not least, the salt particles present in the air impregnate the meat creating a fantastic flavour.

We have a range of aged beef including USDA prime rib eye on the bone, Botswana rib eye off the bone and Galician 50-day aged beef! In addition, we make a range of our own charcuterie meats from venison salami and wagyu biltong to firecracker coppa.

The Ultimate Steak (winner of the ‘World Cup of Steak’ hosted by Charles Campion and Joe Warwick founder of the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants’ ) is our exclusive Blackmore Wagyu 9++ which we age not only in our Himalayan salt chamber but also in wagyu fat, to protect the outer exterior of the beef and to slow down the ageing process, thus intensifying the flavour even further. If you love beef this steak is worth travelling the earth to taste!

Another special cut from the Himalayan Salt Chamber is our extreme aged award-winning USDA ‘Prime’ Ribeye from Creekstone Farm, Kansas which we have aged on the bone for six months. This is extreme aged beef; another taste sensation never offered in London before – but we guess that is why we keep winning awards including ‘Best Bar and Grill 2018’ and Best Restaurant in UK 2017’!