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Impact Blog | Sustainability Events In London

Our journey towards becoming a zero carbon business

Welcome back to the fifth edition of the Impact blog series. If you haven’t yet seen our last blog on sustainable farming, please check it out. If you have been keeping up with our posts, you’ll know that we’ve been documenting our mission to become a carbon-neutral business. Previously we’ve explored sustainable food sourcing, sustainable agricultural practices, charity partners, new internal initiatives, and our accolades and awards. This time we’re looking at all the sustainability and climate change events taking place in the capital this year.

25th June – 3rd July: London Climate Action Week (LCAW)

London Climate Action Week (or LCAW) is a yearly event that gathers together London’s most prominent climate professionals and communities. It allows these experts to showcase their thoughts on climate change to a worldwide audience. Not only does LCAW encourage conversations across multiple sectors, it facilitates businesses to work together and explore new solutions to tackle these issues.

The Sustainable Supper Club was hosted by us to coincide with the event. Among the attendees were, CRATE TO PLATE one of our eco-friendly suppliers who grow salad leaves, micro herbs, and vegetables in hydroponic and aeroponic farms around the disused spaces around London. Using some incredible technology and expertise, their produce is grown without the use of soil in an entirely pesticide-free environment. They also use 95% less water than on conventional farms. Our guests were given the opportunity to chat with Crate to Plate representatives, and even try their products during the dinner.

2nd July – 8th July: Net Zero Week UK

The United Kingdom became the first major economy to pass into law a commitment to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Net Zero Week (NZW) is an annual awareness week with the mission of helping businesses achieve their unique commitments towards this goal. It allows us to explore the challenges on a more granular level.

Again, with experts in attendance, those who come are encouraged to ask questions to get the most out of the experience. This is all to help us take part and do our bit, framing the mission as a collaborative effort rather than an individual business one. During the week M restaurants take the opportunity to attend webinars and events, embedding these new learnings into our own net-zero strategy. We also look to share this with our value chain so they too can adapt and improve their own strategy.

25th November: Sustainable Events Show

Hosted by Wesley Mendy and Dan Bearpark, this is a one day event that helps to curate relationships with like-minded parties who share the same worldviews and goals when it comes to sustainable practice. It is a platform for everyone to discuss and brainstorm new ideas.

With 80 environmentally friendly venues, event service suppliers and event technology companies, the goal is for each participant to share their thoughts, knowledge and expertise. By learning how each of us are tackling our own problems, the idea is that others may learn how to improve their own processes by learning about the experience of others. In 2022, the event is to be held in The Barbican centre in the heart of London. With it;s beautiful conservatory, the green exhibition space with 1,500 species of plants and trees is an ideal setting for the event.

7th September – 8th September: Sustainability LIVE, London

Sustainability LIVE merges senior industry leaders and expert analysts for keynote addresses, discussions, and general networking. Streamed online or attended in person, the two-day exhibition is to be held in the Business Design Centre in Islington. With over 100 speakers and 20 interactive panels, this is the ideal platform for experienced and conscious leaders to have discourse on how they are taking action on climate change issues.

At M, events like these have always been a top priority. Over the next year we are keen to create new ideas or our environmentally conscious guests. Stay tuned to see them in future posts.

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