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Operating With Values

Our brand conducts itself with six key values. This makes certain that we curate an atmosphere where both our staff and business thrives. All those who work for us are inspired to showcase our values not just in their work, but when supporting others too. We are proud to go above and beyond for our staff and customers to create a positive, uplifting community within the business.

Career Progression

The quality of our coaching and mentoring means the upward career progression of staff is well-supported and prioritised. Each of our staff members take part in M School training, allowing them to perfect the art of M service, our gastro-playground food and club for Members.

Diverse & Representative Recruitment

The M recruitment strategy is structured in order for our staff pool to be a true reflection of the communities in which we exist. As a way to ensure this, we aim to hire 10% of our workforce from those who would be considered disadvantaged in the employment market. This process is helped by close support from our relevant charity partners.

Carbon Neutral Beef

We acknowledge the significant environmental impact of the production of our beef, including Argentinian, Kobe and Wagyu. As a result, we target, measure and act on carbon emissions to reduce its negative effect. How are we doing this? Well, we have started a project with the Carbon Group and our supplier to collect carbon emission data from farms in Argentina through to the transport to our kitchens. This gives us an average measurement of emissions across our supply chain. With this approach, we can estimate the carbon footprint of all of our beef sourced from the US, Japan, Australia, and Britain, enabling us to offset the emissions.

Local And Sustainable Suppliers

One of our goals is to support British suppliers where possible, which means the food and drink sourced in M restaurants is proud to champion local produce. We take pride in working with Crate to Plate, a herb, salad and baby vegetable producer that transforms disused spaces across London in order to grow food with hydroponic and aeroponic methods, using a nutrient-rich solution instead of soil and significantly less water. What’s more, our M Newfoundland restaurant is just a short walk away from a Crate to Plate “farm” allowing our chefs to stroll over and collect their fresh produce without the use of a van. 


We have traceable information about the seafood used on our menus since our fish supplier carries MSC Chain of Custody certification. We also source the rare cobia fish from Open Blue, innovators in open ocean farming, where fish remain in their natural habitats, with careful monitoring of the marine environment to ensure excess food and nutrients do not pollute the water.


Net Zero Emissions

As an organisation, we are determined to become a net-zero carbon business by the year 2030. While this is an ambitious goal, we have a system in place to help us meet our targets. This includes measuring our carbon footprint, and setting reduction targets against Science Based Targets, and the holistic assessment of our sustainability with the Sustainable Restaurant Association membership. We are also members of the Zero Carbon Forum where we work with others in the industry to help set a plan for us all to achieve net-zero. We, like our collaborators, want to ensure that the hospitality industry is leading the way in carbon reduction.

Charity Partners

M is proud to be a supporter of numerous charities and passionate about providing crucial funds for the local communities in which our restaurants are based. Each of the charity partners is in sync with three core parts of our impact visions and values. These include support for the disadvantaged, providing employment opportunities, and offering paid employee involvement with our charities.


The yearly M is Not For Sale pop-up restaurant creates funds and awareness for a charity called ‘Not For Sale’. This organisation aims to end modern-day slavery via community projects that break this cycle. We have some amazing ties with the rugby world, allowing us to host regular guest experiences with tournaments. This also generates funds for School of Hard Knocks, a charity that is revived around empowering schools and young adults to achieve their goals. 


Discover more about our charity partners HERE.


As part of our core values, we like to give our staff the opportunity to be involved in supporting our charity partners and contributing to their communities. To do this, every employee is granted two paid days a year where they are urged to volunteer for our charity partners.

Supplier Visits

We understand the importance of our suppliers and take pride in garnering efficient and happy working relationships with the organisations that deliver our ingredients. 

Our suppliers form a large section of our scope 3 carbon emissions, thus are a vital part of our decarbonisation strategy and target to be net-zero. Providing our employees with the chance to visit suppliers is important so they can get a feel for how our supply chain works, as well as how it has an impact on the environment.


Sustainable Steak Movement

As part of our commitment to address the sustainability of beef production, Gaucho is proud to introduce the Sustainable Steak Movement.  

Launched in 2021 to align with COP26 in Glasgow, the Movement aims to accelerate the transition towards a carbon conscious beef offering in restaurants across the UK. 

Restaurants and suppliers are invited to join us in leading a movement committed to making beef and wine sustainable in our restaurants. Taking learnings from each other and inviting industry experts to join us, our vision is to collaboratively work to address the carbon footprint of beef and make this a more sustainable ingredient. 

See our Sustainable Steak Movement website HERE.

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Environmental Reports

We are proud to share our reports on all sustainability initiatives that we undertake. 

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