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Operating With Values

We operate with our six core values in mind, ensuring that we build a thriving community and business for our staff. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate those who demonstrate our values in the work that they do, and we go above and beyond to provide support for those who need it. 

Career Progression

We pride ourselves on our culture of coaching and mentoring, helping our staff to achieve their career goals and supporting them on their journey there. All staff go through our M School training, mastering the art of the M service, our gastro-playground food, and exclusive Member’s club. 

Representative Recruitment

Our recruitment strategy aims to deliver a workforce that is truly representative of the communities in which we operate. Working closely with our charity partners, we seek to recruit 10% of our workforce from those who, due to a wide range of circumstances, would otherwise be considered disadvantaged in the employment market.  

Carbon Neutral Beef

Aware of the high environmental impact of the production of our Argentinian, Kobe and Wagyu beef, we are working to target, measure and act on carbon emissions. In the first project of its kind, we have undertaken a project with the Carbon Group and our supplier to gather carbon emission data from the cattle farms in Argentina to the beef being delivered to our restaurants. With this level of understanding of emissions across our supply chain, we have applied this approach to estimate the carbon footprint of our beef sourced from Australia, Japan, the USA, and Britain as well, enabling us to begin the process of offsetting emissions at source. 

Local And Sustainable Suppliers

We take real pride in the food and drink sourced for M restaurants, and look to support and champion local, British producers where we can. We are proud to work with Crate to Plate; herb, salad and baby vegetable producers that utilise disused spaces across London to grow food hydroponically and aeroponically, a method that uses a nutrient-rich solution instead of soil. Our M Newfoundland restaurant is in walking distance of one Crate to Plate shipping container, meaning our chefs can collect fresh produce without needing to use vehicles.  

Our fish supplier carries MSC Chain of Custody certification, enabling us to have traceable information about the seafood used on our menus. We are also source the unique cobia fish from Open Blue, the world pioneers in open ocean farming where fish are kept in their natural habitats and the environment is constantly monitored to ensure excess food and nutrients do not accumulate and pollute the water. 

We have close relationships to our suppliers and continually strive to improve the ethical and environmental standards of the ingredients we use.

Net Zero Emissions

We are committed to becoming a net zero carbon business by 2030. To achieve this ambitious goal, we will be measuring our carbon footprint, setting reduction targets for emissions against Science Based Targets and assessing our sustainability holistically with the Sustainable Restaurant Association membership. M is also a member of the Zero Carbon Forum, an industry collaboration to set a roadmap to net zero, ensuring the hospitality industry is a leader in carbon reduction. 

Charity Partners

We are proud to support a number of charity partners, raising vital funds and giving back to the communities we are based in. Our charity partners align with the three main aspects of our impact vision and values: supporting the disadvantaged, providing employment opportunities, and offering employee involvement.  

Our annual M is Not For Sale pop-up restaurant generates funds and creates awareness for ‘Not For Sale’, a charity working to end modern-day slavery through community projects that break this cycle. M has strong ties with the rugby world, frequently hosting guest experiences centred around tournaments, and raising funds for School of Hard Knocks, a charity working with schools and young adults to empower them to achieve their goals. 

See more about our charity partners HERE.


Ensuring that our staff are involved in supporting our charity partners and contributing to their communities is a core value at M. Every employee is given two paid days a year where they are encouraged to undertake volunteering activities with our charity partners and opportunities within their restaurant community.  

Supplier Visits

We take pride in the relationships we have with our suppliers and fully understanding the supply chains that bring us our ingredients. Our suppliers form a significant part of our scope 3 carbon emissions and so are a key part of our decarbonisation strategy in the race to net zero. Giving our staff the opportunity to visit suppliers is also high on our priority list to understand the production of our food supply and the impact it has on the environment.  


Sustainable Steak Movement

As part of our commitment to address the sustainability of beef production, Gaucho is proud to introduce the Sustainable Steak Movement.  

Launched in 2021 to align with COP26 in Glasgow, the Movement aims to accelerate the transition towards a carbon conscious beef offering in restaurants across the UK. 

Restaurants and suppliers are invited to join us in leading a movement committed to making beef and wine sustainable in our restaurants. Taking learnings from each other and inviting industry experts to join us, our vision is to collaboratively work to address the carbon footprint of beef and make this a more sustainable ingredient. 

See our Sustainable Steak Movement website HERE.

Environmental Reports

We are proud to share our reports on all sustainability initiatives that we undertake. 

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