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Impact Blog | Sustainable Sourcing At M

Patrons of sustainability, welcome to volume three of the impact blog series! The mood in Rare Restaurants HQ has been particularly upbeat over the past couple of weeks, following news that we have been awarded a one star ‘Food Made Good rating’ from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). The SRA works with businesses across the foodservice industry, industry bodies, campaign groups and suppliers to accelerate change towards an environmentally and socially progressive sector. Their vision is to make eating out good for everyone by generating a restorative impact on the planet.

The Food Made Good rating recognises our initiatives and our accomplishments thus far. An assessment of our business was carried out across three pillars of sustainability including sourcing, society and environment. Our highest overall score was achieved in the environment category thanks to these remarkable initiatives:

Rolling out a zero-food-waste-to-landfill policy across the group
Working towards a 75% recycling rate across all restaurants
Setting a target to become a net zero carbon business by 2030

Read the full report here https://gauchorestaurants.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Final-2022-Rating-Report-for-Gaucho-Restaurants-min.pdf

As well as recognising the hard work happening behind the scenes, the report suggests key focus areas to further improve our positive impacts on the planet. Looking ahead we will introduce new measures to achieve our second star. We are committed to:

Sourcing fish responsibly – we will ensure that no fish rated 4 or 5 by the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide will appear on our menus
Introducing waste management (non-food) targets – we have rolled out waste management training across all sites and monitor – progress towards a 75% recycling rate
Decarbonising the supply chain – we will work with suppliers to better understand how to reduce carbon emissions further down the supply chain

Receiving our first Food Made Good star from the SRA is a major milestone for the group and we are incredibly proud of this recognition, which has encouraged us to expand our efforts. Our mission to have a positive impact on planet has never felt more real and we will continue challenging ourselves and the sector to make changes. For more information and regular updates on our sustainability efforts head to our impact page.

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